About our company

The high-quality products and flexibility of Reveliko have guaranteed the best client experience at the market since 1996. Sustainability proceeds from the reliability and liability principles followed by us up to today in our everyday work.

Our product choice consists of wholesale of products and brand articles of own trademark.

Goose fat is the focus of our company with the greatest growth potential, used to make Revi Naturē Pharma common cold ointment Baby and common cold ointment Strong as own trademark. Additionally includes our trademark nasal ointment Menthol & Eucalyptus and nasal ointment MENTHOL+. To guarantee the quality of cosmetic products as our trademark we follow the European Union guidelines of good manufacturing practice standard EVS-EN-ISO 22716:2008 of the cosmetic products.

Our clients are the largest local trade chains, pharmacy networks, wholesalers incl HORECA sector, retailers and production companies.

Some of our retail partners can be found here.

Reveliko is an acknowledged Successful Estonian Enterprise 2013.